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Thanks to the outstanding standards maintained by teachers and administrators at Language Link, we have many returning and long-stay students, as well as a large number of students who come to us after hearing personal recommendations. A reflection of the care and individual attention given to every individual learner at our schools can be seen in the following selection of testimonials. If you want to contact one of our references directly, please let us know by email on russian@language.ru.

July 2014
Eleanor Stokes, Jennifer Darcy
Language Link - Volgograd
Lucie Ehrhard (France)We have thoroughly enjoyed studying Russian at Language Link. Lessons are well structured, organized and can be flexible to your needs. Without a doubt, Ira is the best teacher!
December 2011
Thomas Kerner
Director Real Estate
Media-Saturn Russia

For 3 years already Gulnara Pervushina is my teacher for Russian language in Moscow. We meet on a regular basis for private lessons.

Since the beginning Gulnara is paying special attention to my needs. I emphasized that for me speaking and understanding is much more important than writing and that I would like to train especially my grammar skills.

Therefore Gulnara chose books and materials which exactly fitted my requirements.

I like the natural and organized way Gulnara is leading through the lessons. The lessons for me are very interesting and challenging because she is choosing diversified topics, exercises and models to keep me interested and excited. Furthermore Gulnara is always excellently prepared, punctual and very flexible in in regards to my timetable.

I really have the feeling that my language skill have improved a lot during our cooperation.
June 2011
Enrique Fernandes
Commercial Director at M.Video Management

Olesya has the best personal and professional skills to be an outstanding teacher of Russian for foreigners:

  • Her know-how on teaching Russian for beginners: appropriated methodology, good timing, balanced homework, results oriented.
  • Patient and tireless. She is able to repeat as many times as needed to achieve the results.
  • Professional, punctual and well-organized

I consider Olesya as the best profile in her profession. I strongly recommend her for any newcomer to the language of Dostoevsky.

June 2011
Jerome Brun
Sales & Marketing Director Imperial Tobacco Sales & Marketing LLC

In the past 18 months, I have had the opportunity to learn Russian with Ms Olesia Kharina and despite the inherent difficulty of the language for a foreigner, it has been a very effective, very exciting and quite enjoyable experience.

Olesya (ie Alice) is an experienced teacher with a very solid academic background. She applies a step-by-step, proven teaching method that gradually provides the grammatical background a student will require to actually speak, write and understand Russian. Her knowledge of foreign languages such as English and French enable her to draw useful parallels for the fast and nuanced understanding of some traits of the Russian language.

On top of her significant professional skills, Olesia also is a very considerate teacher who understands the needs and difficulties of professional students. She is a polite, refined yet highly focused person – including the occasional sharing of humouristic comments by students. As a result, learning with her is made easier, and is quite an enjoyable experience…

To sum it all, I do highly recommend Olesia as a teacher to anyone who would want to learn Russian as a foreign language.

March, 2011
Ronaldo Reyes Morales, general director of «Caterpillar Logistics Services International»

Rolando Reyes Morales, general director of «Caterpillar Logistics Services International» On behalf of Caterpillar Logistics Services International LLC, Ronaldo Reyes would like to express his respect and to thank you for your well-timed and high-quality provision of educational services.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff at Language Link, and especially to Irina Cherepanova for the wonderful lessons packed with interesting material, and for her conscientious attitude to work.
May 2010
Work-Study Programme
Katherine Miller's reference

I really liked all the teachers I had. They motivated me to want to learn and perfect my Russian. They were supportive, helpful and very knowledgeable. It was great having both group and individual because in group I got to gain a solid base and refined it with the individual lessons.

I didn't know any Russian when I got to Moscow and 10 months later I am confident in my ability to communicate with Russians. The communication-intensive courses were incredibly helpful.

The British University RLUS academic students' programme feedback

May 2008/2009
Anna Sobchak

I think that the program was great. All the teachers were pleasant, patient and smiling. The classes were well elaborated and interesting. I even enjoyed doing translation, an exercise I never liked before. Normally grammar classes are not exciting, but classes with our teacher were pleasant and full of humor. I appreciate the fact that that the grammar teacher selected the topics which we asked for.

The literature classes were superb! Before I only knew Dostoevsky, Pushkin and Bulgakov. Now I know a lot more about literature, culture, art, music and philosophy in Russia. The mass media lessons were also very useful. We discussed politics and global issues and I learned many new helpful words for my Birmingham course. It was very interesting to live in Moscow, it is a wonderful city and I really enjoyed my time there.
May 2008/2009
Marek Zaremba-Pyke

I am writing these words in my room in Moscow, through my window I can see the Soviet Olympic Stadium. Today I will go there to see Eurovision. Moscow is a city that never sleeps, the capital of a huge and open country and an international Mecca for ambitious people, you can find almost anything here.

But to live in a big city one needs to have companions. LL are your friends. You can talk with them about Russia, Russian people, concerts, museums and where you can find the best and most inexpensive restaurants in Moscow. At LL you can study literature, history, cinema and many other subjects! All the teachers are young and full of energy.

I strongly recommend LL to all students who come to Moscow to study Russian.
May 2009
Paulina Trampchinska

The classes at LL include a wide range of subjects - it was not only the language, but also Russian literature, mass media and country studies which enhanced my knowledge about Russia. Thanks to studying in Russia I got used to everyday language, learned colloquial phrases and youth slang. My vocabulary significantly increased and now I am quite fluent in Russian.

Our teachers were the best people I met in the country, they are the embodiment of amicability and erudition for which Russian intellectuals are famous all over the world. In Moscow my dream came true, I had the chance to see the ballet Swan Lake. I am very happy that I decided to come to Moscow for four months. I think that LL offers the highest level of education. It is very important that studying with LL has not only helped me develop both personally and academically but also provided me with the opportunity to find new friends for the rest of my life.

May 2009
Feedback from DeLaval
Our company would like to express our gratitude to Language Link for organising and giving productive Russian lessons which enabled one of our specialists, Bo Wejfeldt, to reach a level of fluency within one year which now allows him to work on the Russian market and freely communicate with company employees and clients. We would especially like to thank Ms. Finashina, Head Manager of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language for effectively and efficiently implementing our joint project.
March 2009
Feedback from Otis:
Tomislav Oresic

I am very pleased with my lessons with Language Link teacher Liliya Frolova. She is a highly-professional teacher. At her Russian lessons she takes into account all the needs of her students and the nature of their work. Everything we did in our lessons was tremendously useful for me, whether it concerned the language itself or Russian culture.

I've improved my speaking, and I also now understand the country and the Russian people much more.
June 2009
Feedback from Kellogg Brown and Root
Maurisio Orejuela

Although I find the Russian language extremely difficult, I'd like to note that I have thoroughly enjoyed my Russian lessons with Language Link teacher Elena Ivanova and I believe I have made significant progress.

The energy and determination that she brings to teaching as well as support and encouragement made our lessons very effective.
M.Video Management LLC
Director of Personnel O.V. Vasiliskova
December 2008

M.Video Management LLC has been using Language Link Private Educational Institution for English and Russian teaching for more than 2 years and we are pleased with this co-operation.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the employees of Language Link for teaching our employees. Learning languages has helped to increase the professional capacity of our employees and in turn this has enabled us to more effectively respond to the challenges that the company faces.

It was easy and pleasant to work with the employees of Language Link, and I would especially like to emphasise the expertise displayed by teacher Olesya Kharina. She has the ability to interest students and teach effectively.

In addition to this I must mention the high-quality organisation of teaching and good-natured attitude of all the employees of Language Link, especially that of Maria Finashina.

Language Link is a company that is distinguished by its convenient system of work, competency and its individual approach, and we happily recommend Language Link as a reliable, professional partner.
Hyklova Hanna, The Czech Republic,
Manager of the Marketing Department
Home Credit and Finance Bank
December, 2008
Taking Russian language lessons at your company helped greatly. When I started to study the language two years ago I only knew a few words. Now I can write and converse freely. The lessons took place in a pleasant and informal atmosphere. My teacher, Tatyana Kabanova is a very intelligent and likeable person and it was interesting and easy to study with her. She always took my wishes into account with regard to lesson content and brought Russian books, newspapers and articles with her and talked about Russian culture and history. The lessons were never boring. We studied grammar and pronunciation, and spent a lot of time discussing and reading. I am very pleased with the results of the course.
Kirby Stebbing, Great Britain, RLUS Programme
May 2008
I choose Volgograd as the place for my second semester abroad, in Russia. I am studying at a language school called Language Link. This is my second year in Russia. Here I am studying grammar, translation, language of mass media and conversation. The school is not big, but modern and usually in the evening Russian students also study here, so we have an opportunity to meet and talk with Russian students. We study 4 days a week, Monday is a day off. On the weekends I often visit other cities and because we live in the south, there are many beautiful towns, which we can visit and compare with Volgograd. During grammar, conversation, and translation lessons we study many useful things. In the grammar course we study phonetics and practice through singing, this is something I haven’t done before and I thought this very useful for studying Russian intonation. The Language of the Mass Media course is great and lately it has become more concentrated on culture, which is a lot more interesting than the usual study of newspapers and news, etc. Our instructor is very open to our suggestions. Volgograd inhabitants are very friendly and are the most open Russians that I have ever met; it is very easy to meet and have conversations with them. Volgograd is a wonderful city. I am so happy I came here! Even though I have lots of free time, I am not board at all. Volgograd consists of eight districts not more than an hour from the center and each has interesting monuments and tourist attractions. I can feel that my Russian got better in Volgograd not only because of lessons, but also from conversations. I live in a Russian family, so I often speak with the hostess, her daughter and it is also easy to speak with new people here; that’s why I feel comfortable and confident, when I talk with Russians.
Orlenok Hotel Complex LLC
Deputy General Manager Eric Maupin
Catering Division Director Karen Leither
Deputy General Financial Director Alain Bourdin
February 2008
We have been studying Russian at Language Link for almost two years. Thanks to the skills of your wonderful teachers, Lyubov Bochkareva and Olga Kovtun, we can speak, read and write in Russian and we can communicate with our Russian colleagues. Thanks to our knowledge of the Russian language we were able to gain contacts in the groups of our company. It has also been very important for us to begin to understand the culture of your country and the particular features of the national mentality. The teachers always paid the utmost attention to our problems and we always felt that we were treated as individuals, which we are extremely grateful for! We would also like to express our gratitude for the warm atmosphere that your teachers brought to our lessons, the sensitive attitude, the excellent structure of the course and the high professional level of the lessons. It has been a great pleasure to meet such great mentors in our lifetime.

Fedele DiMaggio, HomeCredit&FinanceBank
November 2007

My level of Russian is not high but during our lessons with my teacher Anna Kasaurova obtained a lot of useful knowledge that help me in everyday communication with Russians. I'm totally satisfied with the results achieved. The lessons were held in friendly atmosphere and were rather interesting though intense. It was like adventure for me though during working with Anna I got strong knowledge of Russian. Anna is a very talented teacher, she knows how to influence student, how to make him/her work. She is also good not only at theory of language, but at Russian history and culture as well, she managed to answer all my questions concerning these points, and she is a very pleasant person to work with.
Mikhail Kaminski (department manager at the supermarket company Perekryostok)
August 2007
I would like to give a big thank you! Thanks to the professional individual approach of your company and my Russian teacher Nina Demida I can speak fluently in Russian. I would like to emphasize that it wasn’t easy, as I am responsible for fish at the company Perekryostok, and before I didn’t know the specialized vocabulary. Now I can easily write a simple letter and participate in talks with suppliers. I can communicate freely with my Russian friends. I rate the lessons with your teacher very highly – they were interesting, varied and exciting. I would like to take exams at your company.
Lydie Lecourt (France)
August 2006

Firstly the place where we had classes was nice, bright and quiet.

It was very convenient to study there.

Secondly, all the people were very polite. Finally, I really liked my teacher. She speaks French (only when it was necessary ) and always knew what I needed, even better than me.
So, I really liked this school.

Johan Arie van Ruler (the Netherlands)
August 2006

Having followed a 1-week Intensive Course of Russian at Language Link in St.Petersburg, I can say I'm very pleased about the way I have made progress here. The lessons were adequately adopted to my level, the information was always clear and my personal teacher Marina was very good and very patient.
It was a pleasure to have studied here and I can recommend the courses to anyone who wants to learn Russian in Russia.

Together with my teacher, I was able to settle the hours at which we started on a day-by-day basis. For me this was fine, and I must say that I was asked beforehand at which hours I wanted to start. For me the experience was a very positive one!

Stanislava Esterkova (marketer, Czeck Republic)
June 2006

I started studying at Language Link more than 3 months ago when my knowledge of Russian was rudimentary. I chose this school in particular for its flexibility, which allowed me to create a programme relating to my individual needs, and also for the professional tuition provided.

I study both in a group and in individual classes with three different teachers. I particularly like the individual approach and politeness of the staff. The lessons are very effective, incorporating as they do various approaches to learning and using the study time to the full. All the teachers try to make sure that those studying in the class practise speaking as much as possible; as a rule they explain problems and meanings of words in Russian using alternative, simpler words and only in extreme cases do they use another foreign language to help. In this way the language learning process is significantly accelerated. In terms of the content of the study programme itself, the teachers are always attentive to my needs. The individual lessons in particular follow themes chosen by me, including business Russian, which is taught by professionals with work experience in a business environment.

Put simply, I wholeheartedly recommend Language Link for studying Russian as a foreign language. And that is why I decided to write my testimonial in Russian.
Kevin Macklin (programmer, Minnesota, USA)
May 2006

"I have studied primarily on my own for about three years back home. Liudmila and Anastasia have worked so hard with me to polish my rough edges. In only two weeks they have definitely elevated my Russian speaking ability. I am very thankful to both of them for their patience in listening to my stories in broken Russian every day. If I had the opportunity I would definitely study with them again.

The staff has all been very helpful. Special thanks to Maria Finashina for seeing me through the entire process. She was so active to ensure that all the preparations for my trip were accomplished within a quick timeframe. Her frequent emails to me back home were greatly appreciated."
Kasia Pawlak (Poland)
September 2004

I am impressed, I found this course to be very good. Everything was wonderful, the teachers are very nice and patient, the administrative staff are also really kind. I learnt a lot, I found this language very nice and I'll continue to build up my knowledge of this language.

Armen Sizardjian (France)
September 2004
The teachers are very good and kind, they explain well. They use different ways of teaching: comprehension, grammar, discussion. I have learnt a lot during these 3 weeks. I feel much more confident in Russian than when I arrived. The teaching methods are very good.

Laurence Gerard (Luxembourg)
August 2004

All the teachers were very friendly and helpful. The course was adjusted to the level and the needs of the students so that everyone could learn as much as possible. I think it was very good. I have only been here 3 weeks but I feel a lot more confident about speaking Russian and I really like studying this language. I also saw Russian daily life as I lived in a host family. It definitely was a great experience.
Lucie Ehrhard (France)
August 2004
Ludmila Nezvankina is great! Thanks a lot. Very efficient and nice team. Unfortunately two weeks is very short to make a big improvement but these two weeks in a Russian environment helped me to understand and listen to more Russian, and to start talking.
Matthew Huxham (Great Britain)
July-August 2004
All the teachers were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and the lessons were both useful and fun. Generally a much more effective way of teaching than in England. I feel that not only have I been able to brush up on skills that I had slightly forgotten, having been away from Russia, but I also learnt a range of new vocabulary and constructions that will help me both in everyday life in Russia, and for my exams.
Judith Jung (Germany)
February-July 2004
I enjoyed the lessons with Lena Ivanova very much, because it was always fun and we learned a lot. It was never boring and I have the feeling now that I'm better prepared to have conversation with Russians.
Roderico C. Atienza (Philippines)
July 2003 - June 2004
I was happy the way the course allowed me to learn Russian the natural way. I especially enjoyed the many cultural references and signposts that accompanied the lessons, which allowed me to contextualize the many things happening around me that seemed strange or inexplicable. Finally, I am very happy to have Marina Freidina as a teacher and as a friend.
Silivia Weaver (Kingdom of Tonga)
February-May 2004
I am very happy with the 3.5-month course I have had to learn Russian from my teacher Marina Freidina. Now I can do things like shopping, going to the post office by myself. I can go everywhere by metro and I will never get lost. I know that in the little time that I had to take this course I have learnt so much more than I thought I could, because my teacher always pushed me to learn more, which is good for me now. I would like to say "thank you" to everyone.
Katie Raath - Design Manager, Russian Standard
September 2004

I am thoroughly enjoying learning to speak Russian with Language Link. My teacher, Elena Ivanova, puts huge effort into making our lessons fun and productive. The style of learning is geared towards what is important to you, and I feel sure that this approach, combined with studying reading, writing & pronunciation, has increased the speed of my progress.

I am now able to converse in many day to day situations and the difference that this has made to my everyday interactions is really incredible.

As well as learning about the language I have also discovered lots about the culture of this wonderful country through our discussions.

I feel strongly that more foreigners in Russia should make the effort learn this mysterious but beautiful language and I would certainly recommend Language Link as a flexible, practical and enjoyable way to do so.