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Teaching Excellence

‘Teaching Excellence’ is Language Link’s motto and goal, and it underpins every academic endeavour we undertake. At Language Link we are not content simply to teach foreign languages; rather we aim to expose our students to a unique blend of language and culture in the classroom. This is necessary, as language has little meaning when viewed outside the cultural medium of which it forms an integral part.

Real proof of Language Link’s achievements can be seen in the recognitions granted to us by educational authorities and other regulating organisations. Not only have our language courses received recognition from the Russian Ministry of Education, but in 1999, the Moscow Mayor’s Office also presented Language Link with an award for academic excellence. Similar recognition has been bestowed on Language Link by such organisations as the British Council, ARELS, UCLES, Trinity College London and LCCIEB. Since 1996, Language Link has been a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia and is only the school to be endorsed by them.

Though Language Link takes pride in these honours and accomplishments, we have never used them as an excuse to rest on our laurels. The basis upon which all our schools have been built is the provision of high quality language tuition. We continue to be committed to this principle. At Language Link, we do our utmost to ensure that all our students receive a learning experience that is academically effective, fully satisfying and truly rewarding.

To see reviews of Language Link that have appeared in the press, click on the following link: The Moscow Times - 11.04.2005

University Affiliations

It has been said that ‘you are known by the company that you keep’, and if such is true, then Language Link is beyond reproach. Language Link’s Centres of Russian as a Foreign Language have formed a number of partnerships with prestigious universities and academic organisations from abroad.

After aligning itself with Dickinson College, Pennsylvania, Language Link opened the ‘Dickinson-in-Moscow’ programme, allowing students of this great American institution to spend part of their undergraduate and graduate study of Russian at our school in Moscow.

Then in 2002, Language Link became an official centre for Russian Language Undergraduate Studies Ltd (RLUS). In hosting the prestigious RLUS programme each year, Language Link’s Moscow and Volgograd schools provide undergraduate-level semesters of Russian studies to groups of university students from the United Kingdom.

Our most recent academic partners are Goucher College and John Hopkins University, USA. In summer 2007, a group of students has come to Language Link for the first ever ‘Language Link – Goucher Summer Immersion Programme in Moscow’.

In 2012 Language Link accepted the first students from the University of New Hampshire for the winter programme.

About our Partners

Russian Language Undergraduate Studies Ltd (RLUS), UK

In November 2001, after extensive dialogue and inspection, Language Link was selected as a provider of Russian language services for RLUS of Great Britain. This organization, the leader in its field, places undergraduate students from British universities into academic institutions running Russian language programmes within the Russian Federation.

Since beginning its partnership with RLUS, Language Link has hosted over 100 students from numerous universities from around Britain, including Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, Exeter, Nottingham, Sheffield, St. Andrews, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Sussex, and others.

Students on the RLUS Programme at Language Link study 20 academic hours per week, for either 13 or 18 weeks. Course content includes: Conversational Russian; Russian Grammar; Translation from English to Russian; Language of the Russian media (newspapers/TV); Russian Literature; Phonetics; History of Russia and the Soviet Union, and Film Studies.

Whether they choose to study at our Moscow or Volgograd school, each student lives with a specially selected family, who is eager to take an active role in the student’s international experience. This gives each student a unique opportunity to speak Russian in an informal setting. Students and families learn from one another and often become close friends.

For more information about RLUS and the Russian Language Undergraduate Studies Programme, please contact Roy Bivon, Operations Consultant on +44 01366 501455 or visit their website at www.rlus.co.uk.

Goucher College, Baltimore, USA

The Goucher College / Johns Hopkins University Cooperative Russian Language Programme offers students interested in Russian language and culture a unique opportunity to participate in a 4.5 week immersion programme at Language Link in Moscow, where they experience life in one of the most vibrant cities of the modern world. Students with one year of Russian attend 4 - 5 hours of language classes daily at Language Link. Students with no language background participate in a special programme that includes survival Russian and cultural studies. Combined bi-weekly excursions offer students a glimpse of the opulent palaces and golden-domed cathedrals of the Kremlin, the magnificence of Red Square, and the rich cultural heritage of the Tretiakov Gallery, House of Arts, Novodevichy Monastery, Kolomenskoe, Tsaritsyno, Kuskovo, Sergiev Posad and other famous cultural sites. Students also attend one theatre performance each week. Students live with Russian families in order to practise their language skills and experience the culture first hand. A five-day stay in St. Petersburg, known as the Venice of the North, forms the capstone of this rich cultural immersion. This programme is running for the first time during the summer of 2007.

Dickinson College, USA

The first liberal arts college to integrate field studies into the curriculum, Dickinson offers its students opportunities of many kinds to connect learning on campus with the world beyond - from a broad array of internships to one of the first and best study abroad programmes anywhere. For its Study Abroad programme in Russia, Dickinson College chose Language Link.

The Dickinson-in-Moscow programme at Language Link was designed to give students the opportunity to develop their language skills while exploring one of the world’s most exciting and fascinating countries. Whether they stayed for a summer, a semester or an academic year, all the students who have come to Language Link on Dickinson’s Moscow programme have left with an intensified love of the culture and the people, and a strong desire to return.

While course offerings can vary from year to year, previous participants have received credit for the following classes: Russia Today; Conversational Russian; Advanced Grammar Phonetics; Language of the Russian Press; Russian Theatre; Russian Art; The History of Moscow Russian Orthodoxy; Teaching Methodology. And in addition to the academic programme, a rich cultural programme is planned by Language Link to take maximum advantage of museums, theatre, film and other offerings. Excursions and trips to other areas of this vast country include St. Petersburg and the cities of the Golden Ring.

The University of New Hampshire, USA

In January 2012 we began collaboration with New England's oldest university – the University of New Hampshire. The University of New Hampshire, founded in 1866, has a long history of teaching the Russian language, and its Russian Language Department offers a wide variety of programs in language, literature and culture. Studying within the Department are students of various specialties – linguists, political scientists and historians. Students within this diverse group show interest in all aspects of language and enjoy discovering new perspectives on the country and culture of the language under study. Winter Program (J-Term): Russian Identity, carried out in conjunction with Language Link, offers real immersion in Russian culture. The program is sure to be interesting not only for students studying the Russian language, but also for those who want to become more closely acquainted with what is happening in contemporary Russia.

Advice on Registering for Credit-Bearing courses

Irrespective of your nationality, Language Link advises all prospective students for credit-bearing courses to first seek approval from their home university. If you are British and attending a UK university, we recommend that you contact Roy Bivon, RLUS' Operations Consultant. A professional who has worked both in the public and private sector, Roy is well placed to offer the student of Russian informative and well-founded advice.

If you are American or Canadian, then speak with your Department Head and/or Registrar. Language Link stands ready to speak with all concerned parties as to the specific nature and course content of all academic programmes that we run in Russia. Our Russian language programmes have been developed to meet the stringent requirements of university curricula.