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Intensive Russian Language Programs in Moscow

During the 2017, Language Link’s Centre for Russian Language and Culture Studies will be running a series special intensive Russian language programs. Programs last two weeks and commence on the following dates:

Dates in 2019
January: 21
February: 4
March: 11
April: 1, 15
May: 13, 27
June: 17
July: 1, 15

Tuition will be in small groups (up to 6 participants) with each group receiving 40 academic hours of intensive Russian language instruction over the two-week program. One or more extra weeks may be added to the program if desired.

Who can participate?
Anybody with a beginner to intermediate level of Russian may participate in Language Link’s Intensive Russian Language Programs.

If you are unsure of your current level of Russian language proficiency, then we invite you to do test online on our website www.russian.language.ru. In any event, on arrival in Russia, all program participants are tested to ensure that they are placed in a group most suited to their Russian language skill and experience.

Where are the Intensive Russian Language Programs based?

Programs are based at Language Link’s Central School in Moscow located in the heart of Moscow just two minutes by walk from Novoslobodskaya Metro station on the circle line. Classes will be conducted in bright, modern classrooms equipped with the standard set of teaching aids: a CD/MP3 player, a white board, tables and/or desks. The department also has access to audiovisual equipment.

Who are the teachers?
The intensive Russian courses will be taught by highly qualified members of Language Link’s teaching staff. All Language Link teachers are multilingual and experienced specialists from top Russian universities.

Is there an excursion package included?
Students may opt for programs with or without an excursion package. Those who choose to include an excursion package in their program may participate in the following excursions:

An evening at the Bolshoi Theater or New Opera Theater: Spend an unforgettable evening watching the ballet/ opera at Russia’s most famous theatre.

An excursion round the Kremlin: Visit the Kremlin, the original center of Moscow, former residence to the Grand Dukes and Metropolitans of Moscow and later residence to the Tsar's. Today, the Kremlin is the residence of the President of Russia. On its territory you will able to visit the Archangel Cathedral, the Cathedral of Annunciation, the Cathedral of Dormition, Patriarch's Palace, Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles and Church of the Deposition of the Robe all built in the 15-17th centuries. In addition to the forenamed historical sites, visitors are able to view the Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon, the State Kremlin Palace and the former Senate building.

An evening at the Conservatory: Enjoy an evening listening to world-class classic music at the world famous Moscow State Conservatory.

A trip to Victory Park: Visit the park and museum opened in 1995 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the victory over the Nazis. A visit in the evening when the fountains are lit up is not to be missed.

An excursion round the Novodevichy Monastery (The New Maidens’ Convent): Visit what is considered one of the most beautiful monasteries in Moscow, which was founded in 1524 in commemoration of the recapture of Smolensk by Russian forces. The excursion also includes a visit to the Novodevichy cemetery, the resting place of Mikhail Bulgakov, Vladimir Myakovsky, Sergei Eisenstein, Shostakovich and Nikita Khrushchev.

A trip to Sergiev Posad: Visit the treasured Trinity Monastery of St Sergius, located in the town of Sergiev Posad, 60 kilometers north east of Moscow and one of the Golden Ring cities. Founded in the first half of the 1340´s, the monastery, residence of the Patriarch of All Russia, is the religious centre of the Russian Orthodox Church. Sergiev Posad is also the birthplace of the Russian matryoshka doll.

Please remember that an excursion package is a subject of availability

What accommodation is offered?
Home Stay
:All students choosing to live in a family home stay will live with an upstanding Russian family in their home. They will have access to a toilet, bath/shower, kitchen to eat meals and a bedroom to themselves. Breakfast is included in all program home-stay plans. Home stay families are located no further than a thirty-minute metro ride from the school.

How do I find out more and how can I apply?
To find out more or to receive an application form, please contact us. All enquiries will be answered promptly.

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