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Programme Overview

Introduction to the Work-Study Programme

Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in a totally unique experience of studying and working at the same time? Language Link’s outstanding and distinctive Work-Study programme is the ideal way to acquire the language skills and practical, international work experience so highly valued by employers today. This is a rare, fascinating and utterly inspirational way to experience the joys of decreased work hours combined with focused and devoted attention to acquiring a new and fascinating language. The basic concept of Work-Study is to spend around half your time studying Russian, and the other half working as a teacher, whilst the whole time absorbing the wonderful culture that Russia has to offer.

‘The work-study programme was a really great way for me to focus on improving my Russian without the burden of a heavy teaching workload. It's a nice balance for those who want to immerse themselves in the language but aren’t sure teaching will be their life. I was also really pleased with the quality of the education I received. The two teachers I had were absolutely fantastic.’ – Albert Vazquez, 25, from Mexico.

Effective Learning

By choosing Work-Study, you will be able to immerse yourself in Russian language and culture to an extent that is usually impossible for EFL teachers. Full-time teachers often come to Russia with the intention of picking up Russian, but then find it impossible to devote the necessary time and energy to language studies due to the pressures of work. In contrast, Work-Study participants make such quick and recognisable progress with this difficult language thanks to intensive Russian lessons with Language Link’s experienced specialist teachers. Learning Russian in Russia is the most effective way to reach fluency rapidly, as you can immediately put into practice what you learn in the classroom.

‘For me the work/study program was simply amazing. I had the ability to teach, which was something that I really wanted to do, but also to continue studying the Russian language without having to try and work it around a busy work schedule. The teachers in the Russian department at Language Link in Moscow were absolutely top notch, and the staff at Language Link Moscow are always willing to work with you and make the experience one of a kind. I would recommend this program to anyone who has a love of the Russian language, people, or culture.’ – Kayla Nicole Brown, 22, from America

Investment in your future

Teaching EFL is a rewarding career in its own right, and the Work-Study programme can help you acquire the experience and TEFL certification that will open doors to teaching jobs in any corner of the world. Even if you are not seeking to pursue a career in EFL, you will develop a number of core transferable skills via teaching that are valued by all employers, including interpersonal communications, time and space management and presentation making. Work-Study is thus an excellent and fun addition to your CV, whatever your career plans may be.

‘My experience with Language Link was nothing but wonderful on all fronts. The entire process of moving to another country (especially Russia) can be intimidating and complicated, but everything that was handled by LL was done so with professionalism and efficiency.’ – Kyle Kucharski, 27, from America


The Work-Study programme has great advantages from a financial perspective. By dividing your time between learning Russian (for which you pay) and teaching English (for which you are paid), you are able to spend an extended period of time in Russia affordably. The programme fee includes all accommodation costs (including utility bills and repair services), tuition with specialist RFL teachers in small groups, medical services, full visa support, airport transfers, and in some cases, a TEFL training course. Thus, Language Link is not only renowned for it’s flexibility, professionalism and friendliness, but also for its affordability.

‘The Russian-language program at LL was one of the most rewarding experiences in language learning I've ever had. The instructors were patient, intriguing individuals who were skilled at sharing their knowledge of Russian language and culture and passing that on to their students.’

Peace of mind

Language Link has over 10 years’ experience of bringing EFL teachers to Russia, and we are considered one of the top language schools operating in Russia today. Getting to Russia as an independent traveller can be a minefield of red-tape, but Language Link will simplify the task and help you every step of the way: Language Link will provide you with accommodation, a visa invitation and registration, medical services and continual academic support. Once you arrive, friendly programme coordinators will always be happy to help and advise.

In order to cater both for qualified EFL teachers and candidates with no teaching experience, Language Link offers two Work-Study programmes, ‘A’ and ‘B’. Your knowledge of Russian does not affect which Work-Study programme you may apply for, but you will be asked to complete a small placement test on arrival in Russia so that we can assign you to an appropriate Russian class.

Work-Study Programme A

If you are full of enthusiasm for teaching, but have neither a recognised TEFL qualification nor significant teaching experience, then we would absolutely love for you to apply for Work-Study A.

Programme Description

  • The first stage of programme A is for orientation and training, when you settle into your new surroundings and undergo intensive, classroom-based TEFL training via the Initial Training Programme (ITP). (Please note that the Work-Study training and internship differ from Language Link’s full-time teaching internship.)
  • The second stage of the programme is a TEFL internship. During this paid internship you teach 12 - 18 academic hours per week (up to the maximum in your contract); you are observed in action by your supervisors; you observe classes taught by experienced teachers and attend training seminars. The minimum academic hours of teaching per week is 12, but you may request more when agreeing your contract. You are paid for each academic hour you teach. Provided you maintain a high standard of teaching you will continue to receive pay increases at regular intervals throughout the programme. You also attend 9 - 18 academic hours of Russian language tuition each week (in accordance with your contract). The standard programme is based on 12 academic hours of Russian per week, but again, you may request more or less study when agreeing your contract prior to the start of the programme. Upon successful completion of the internship you receive a TEFL certificate and the status of qualified EFL teacher, an invaluable and universally recognised qualification.

Programme Duration

Work-Study A contracts last 14, 22 and 34 weeks plus the ITP (1 month).

Start Dates

We prefer participants to start the programme to coincide with one of Language Link’s Initial Training Programmes (ITP) for new teachers. ITPs run in August and September.

Programme Locations

Moscow, St Petersburg, Volgograd

Applicable Conditions

In order to successfully complete the internship, Work-Study A participants must attend all seminars and teach throughout their programme. An extremely weak performance on the internship or failure to attend seminars may result in participants remaining on intern status. Very occasionally, the school may refuse very weak Work-Study interns further employment, in which case they may continue with the Russian study component of the programme or reduced hours only.

Work-Study Programme B

Work-Study B is open to candidates with a recognised TEFL qualification and/or relevant TEFL/TESOL experience. Acceptable qualifications include: RSA/ Cambridge or Trinity College London Certificate, or equivalent; or, RSA/ Cambridge Diploma or Trinity College Licentiate Diploma; or, PGCE with TEFLA/TESOL University degree or equivalent. Applicants with relevant university diplomas (English, linguistics, etc.) and relevant EFL experience are eligible to waiver TEFL or TESOL qualifications.

Programme Description

Throughout the programme you teach for 12 - 18 academic hours and attend 9 - 18 academic hours of Russian classes per week (in accordance with your contract). The standard programme is based on 12 hrs/week study and 18 hrs/week teaching, but you may determine your own balance between teaching and studies prior to the start of your programme if you so wish. Academic support is provided by Language Link’s Directors of Studies.

Programme Duration

Work–Study B contracts are for 12, 16, 24 and 36 weeks.

Annual Start Dates

Programme B officially begins in August and September, though we can be flexible and discuss the most convenient time for you to arrive when you apply. However, if you apply to work-study over the summer (June-September) please be aware that the number of English teaching hours we can offer during this period may be lower than normal.


Moscow, St Petersburg, Volgograd

What next

If you decide you would like to participate in the work-study programme after reviewing the information in this pack, please complete and submit the relevant online application form on Language Link’s website at: http://www.jobs.languagelink.ru/jobs/application/. You can apply 3 - 12 months before you wish to join the programme. The application process will include a brief telephone interview (paid for by the company), the submission of 2 references, as well as a pre-interview TEFL task for Programme A candidates. Language Link is world renowned. The reason for this is simple. Excellence. Excellent teachers, excellent teaching, and excellent experiences. Come onboard and join us!