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Language Link Volunteer Programme

Language Link’s Volunteer Programme is the ideal way to acquire valuable international work-experience and get a taste of life in Russia. Our International Language Centres in Moscow, St Petersburg and Volgograd have a number of vacancies each semester for volunteers in the fields of Education and Translation. The programme is extremely flexible – entry is possible from September to May every year, and you can determine how many hours per week you wish to commit for, and how long you want to stay (breaks for independent travel are easily arranged). Depending on your interests, talents and experience, you may volunteer as a teaching assistant or translator (you may also combine these roles). The wide variety of programme options means that whatever your motivation and interests, there is sure to be something that suits you, from classroom assisting to translating, and from proof reading to website editing. You even have the flexibility to be adventurous and design your own activities.

The Volunteer Programme includes a choice of accommodation (shared apartment or home-stay), plus visa support and registration, so the usually daunting task of travel to this fascinating but rather bureaucratic country is greatly simplified. We will advise and support you as you adapt to the unique Russian culture, and in addition to initial orientation, you will have the chance to attend 6 hours of free Russian language lessons during your stay.

Recently I completed a six week volunteer internship with Language Link, Moscow. My goals were to gain experience as a teacher of English as a second language and to improve my Russian language fluency. Both objectives were fully accomplished, thanks to the outstanding organization and exceptional competence of the Language Link staff.

In the process of completing the internship I observed and assisted in the instruction of 20 different English classes at multiple skill levels. Each instructor whom I encountered was at the highest level of ability, motivation and experience. In addition, the curriculum and lesson planning excelled and it was clear from the student reaction that maximum learning was occurring.

Similarly my Russian language teachers were extremely well qualified, dedicated to the students and most effective in their instruction.

My whole experience with Language Link could not have been better. I found nothing but excellence at every level of the institution.

William Kennedy, Volunteer, Summer 2011

Entry Requirements


Your participation depends on Language Link's ability to issue you with a visa invitation. We are able to offer visa support to citizens of the UK, the USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most Western European countries. If your nationality doesn't figure in this short list, you may still be eligible for the shorter programmes (6 or 12 weeks). For more precise information, contact us at jobs@languagelink.ru


Applicants for the Teaching Assistant and Translator/Editor positions must be native speakers of English, French or German. All volunteers must have a good command of English. A command of Russian is not essential for the Teaching Assistant position, however for the Translator/Editor role a minimum of intermediate Russian is required.


The programme is open to anyone who has successfully completed their high school education, although graduates or undergraduates (any major) are preferred.


When recruiting volunteers, Language Link looks for confidence, enthusiasm and a committed attitude to work. Applicants should be highly motivated, with the ability to adapt to different cultures and to take the initiative whether working individually or in a team. In most cases, a strong desire to help young learners and adults reach their educational goals is essential.


The Language Link Volunteer Programme is open to the young and the young at heart. Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the start of the programme.

Financial independence

Applicants must be able to support themselves financially throughout their stay in Russia. Applicants for the longer programmes (24 and 36 weeks) may be eligible for a housing stipend; however, this should not be a primary consideration when applying.